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FLUIDTRANS COMPOMAC 2006 International Exhibition of Fluid Power, Power and Motion Transmission, Drive, Control Equipment and Industrial Design

FLUIDTRANS COMPOMAC has been hailed time and again for delivering practical engineering and manufacturing solutions for machinery and systems. The array of trail-blazing, categorised exhibits covers all the branches of component industry. That's why trade operatives from the world over, seeking up-to-date knowledge and new products, are drawn to FLUIDTRANS COMPOMAC. The venue highlights innovative trends that underpin growth in such branches as hydraulics, pneumatics, electric and electronics, compressed air techniques and technology, materials, computing programs.

The visitors’ production sector:
-Construction and Earth-moving Machinery
-Production Equipment
-Chemicals and Petrochemicals Machinery and Equipment
-Steelworks and Heavy Industry Machinery
-Food and Beverage Machinery
-Textile, Footwear and Tanning Machinery
-Packing and Packaging Machinery
-Ceramics and Glasswork Machinery
-Graphics Machinery
-Marble Working Machinery
-Timber Working Machinery
-Rubber and Plastic Working Machinery
-Machine Tools

The visitors’ sector of interest:
-Gears,Mechanical Transimissions and Components
-Hydraulic Transmissions and Components
-Pneumatic Transmissions and Components
-Automation, Operating and Control Systems
-CAD/CAM Systems and Software Design
-Compressed Air Production, Distribution and Treatment
-Vacuum Technology

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