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Sterownik Elmo Gold Solo Guitar

Gold Solo Guitar

Sterownik Gold Solo Guitar
ELMO Motion Control

High Power, Stand-alone Network-based Servo Drive (Up to 50A/100V and up to 20A/200V)

The Gold Solo Guitar is an advanced high power density servo drive. It provides top servo performance, advanced networking and built in safety, all in a small PCB mountable package.

Gold Solo Guitar has a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence and delivers up to 4.1 kW of continuous power or 8.2 kW of peak power in a compact package 51.8 (H) x 80 (L) x 61 (W) mm (2.039" x 3.15" x 2.402").

The Gold Solo Guitar is an integrated solution designed to be simply and efficiently connected directly to the application. The solution consists of the Gold Solo Guitar together with a convenient connection interface which either eliminates or reduces development time and resources when designing an application's PCB board. The Gold Solo Guitar drive is easily set up and tuned using Elmo Application Studio (EAS) software tools. As part of the Gold product line, it is fully programmable with the Elmo motion control language.

The Gold Solo Guitar is available in a variety of options. There are multiple power rating options, three different communications options – Standard (S suffix in the part number), EtherCAT (E suffix in the part number), or EtherCAT with switches (Option F in the part number), a variety of feedback selections and I/O configuration possibilities.

Gold Solo Guitar Highlights:

Gold Line core motion control technology
Ultra-compact, highest power density
Highly efficient, high bandwidth performance
Multiple communication options: EtherCAT, CANopen, USB, Ethernet, RS-232
Supports a wide variety of feedback sensors
Advanced filtering and gain scheduling options for enhanced dynamic performance
Vector control sinusoidal commutation

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